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Recent posts

Again, I got banned for a new account...

Apologizes but no staff were around and all other accounts were dysfunctional, I asked ove...

[Accepted] Ban Appeal for Allen Walker

Although the ban link is not right, the reasons given are appropriate for the reason for b...

How do I make my own lobby on Zombies

If you want to make a lobby that follows the usual rules and gives you XP and DP, you can ...

Inactivity Explained.

How did you get to make sprites for them .-.

Zombies Dimension Inventory glitches/bugs.

Goes on a random lobby.

cause: i buy armor
effect: i keep old armor and i ...

[Resolved] Multiple Accounts. (IzGotAYoy & etc)

[1] Members name(s).

IzGotAYoyo, Vegeta (goku twin), Darkmist Shadow, SoulOfAz...

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