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The DGPD 33 DG Victor The Legend
The Dark Enforcers 8 TemmieKiri
Front Lines 12 Unikram
Valkyrie Knights 17 DG Victor The Legend
The Rebelards 32 DG Victor The Legend
[New] Pirate Clan 24 Unikram
[Retired] Bakon clan 38 Velstadt
The Frost Army Clan (Work In Progress) 38 TheInfestr
The "Gardiane" clan 9 Leonytus_Game
Clan: The Vanity Clan (W.I.P.) 30 XxCustomVanitiesxX
PVP CLAN 9 JennaBear123
The Cobalt Clan 0 (None)
[Updated]Rainbow Legion Clan 253 Qwerty128
Clan: Sovereign 32 PhantomAlpha
Gam's Cool cool clan 1 JennaBear123