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[Format] Ban Appeal
0 (None)
[Accepted] Duckman61's Ban Appeal 3 -Lord Avery-
lol173821's ban appeal. 5 Quinci
My account got banned from The Dark Gaming sever 2 Alex :P
Ban Appeal 1 Quinci
[Accepted] Ban Appeal 3 -Lord Avery-
[Accepted] d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.r's ban appeal. 1 Quinci
[Accepted] momoko69's ban appeal. [2] 13 Quinci
[Accepted] noobmaster6699's ban appeal. 5 Quinci
How do i get rid of items im not supposed to have? 1 Quinci
[Accepted] momoko69's ban appeal. 3 Quinci
[Accepted] cnktl's ban appeal 1 Quinci
ban appeal 0 (None)
[Denied] marko123's ban appeal. 1 Quinci
[Accepted] danypopeded's Ban Appeal 19 Quinci