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Suggesting GameTypes and GameModes
1 TemmieKiri
Change name with /selfname and have guest 2 fortnox
A small suggestion 13 Mr CPJT
Ranking Suggestions/ Rewards 50 TemmieKiri
[Suggestion] Weapon Tag Minigame 7 TemmieKiri
Ability to get out of the crew program 14 GoldenRound
Setting a limit in Specialitems 8 Augustina
Allowing Use of Water in Build for Crew Members 0 (None)
Character Naming system thingy-majingy 3 -Lord Avery-
Using /item Heart during pvp 4 Sennypaipai
Building Dimension 1 popstarfreas
PvP Change Suggestions 20 Metaception
Remove Item Spam with Buildmode 2 R4zorvenom48
Ban Dryad Loincloth... 9 Kerosene