$41 needed within 25 days. $4/$45 target.

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Building Dimension is Filled with water 1 -Lord Avery-
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Zombies Dimension Inventory glitches/bugs. 2 ProtoLink21
Main Dimension's Chest Problems. 2 Augustina
PvE Problem 1 R4zorvenom48
I hate this server so, so much. 2 RubberDuckyFoxtrot.2
"Zombies" minigame bugs 4 DG Victor The Legend PvP Gamemode + Gamemode Suggestion! 12 DG Victor The Legend
[Fixed] Zombies health bug 0 (None)
Lost Loadout, Help!! 4 jxnah
Possibly "The Grand Design" item for admins only. 3 popstarfreas