-Lord Avery- : There's a ban ID attributed to your account from the 21st.
Hwk3r : What+
Hwk3r : Ik i've created more than 1 account cause of being on different characters but i dont remember being banned on any of them
Hwk3r : in fact i wasnt banned at all but if im mistaken then someone mustve banned me while i was offline
Hwk3r : And I had no intentions of ban evading plus why was i banned on the quote on quote "second account" that i had+ I used that for a different character!
Hwk3r : I loved this server the only thing i mainly used it for was to get free items, and now that was taken away from me.
-Lord Avery- : It'll be addressed on the appeal itself-not in the shoutbox
Hwk3r : I did send an appeal if you want to take a look.
-Lord Avery- : It'll be handled by the guy who made the original ban
Marcus101RR : It has been handled.

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