$46 needed within 15 days. $2/$45 target.


SpikeyScout : I think I somewhat remember you Mr CPJT
Mr CPJT : SpikeyScout do you go by another alias/handle+
SpikeyScout : I am Bombys new account, as said here. https://dark-gaming.com/thread/oh-hi.2726
Mr CPJT : Oh sweet! I don't really play anymore instead just visit the forums from time to time, good to see a fellow 'veteran' regardless lol.
OpalZider : I was thinking about buying crew, but I don't know what it is
bapbop : guys
bapbop : how do i find out my /register password
bapbop : GUYS
bapbop : REPLY
-Lord Avery- : Crew let's you build in places other than the sandbox, and /tp. It's also completely free if you own the game on steam

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