$28 needed. $17/$45 target.


AProGenji : How can i protect my home from griefers+
popstarfreas : You don't need to, we do it.
Bloody Mary : Can someone help with my login+
Mr CPJT : Merry Christmas homies, its that time of year again when I hope all is well. May you all be granted what you wished for, myself personally have come to not wanting anything for Christmas and instead see it as mandatory socialising xD! But on a serious note Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate it have a good holiday.(ツ)
DG Victor The Legend : Merry Christmas, frens!
TheseMikes : Happy New Years Everyone!
Mr CPJT : Yeah Happy New Years
popstarfreas : Main server has network issue. Got to wait for host to fix it.
popstarfreas : It's back up but I used a forced restart to automatically get a network issue detection, which means Phase's data is being reloaded.

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