Our Terraria Server

Among the mist arises a powerful, innovative terraria server. This everyone, is our terraria server.

Endless Free-Build Fun

Many people have been and still are enjoying our open-area free-build. Why build? :

No Limit

There is effectively no limit to how many things and how big a thing you can build.


There is frequent moderation of the area to both prevent and ban griefers.

History Plugin

Our server is equiped with the history plugin. Meaning grief is easily reverted like it never happened.

Housing Protection

Our server uses the housing plugin. Feel free to protect your creations. If you don't know how Click Here.

Free Tools & Blocks

The servers shop (free-items) has every single item (except raw materials.. working on that) in the game. Get any block you want!

Extended Protection

If your creation gets too big or you want it to be protected further, you can apply for it to be moved to the 2nd layer of protection.

How do I join?

IP : terraria.dark-gaming.com
Port: 7777

Click here for help

Own a server?


Learn more about becoming an Affiliate over on our How-to Affliate Page


If you own a server but don't have a community (Website of some sort), contact us to learn more