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One place for many questions. Still wip.

Discord Server Invite. A lot of the info here is pinned in general chats. This is the best way to contact staff.

The server rules. Everyone must follow these. Not knowing them does not excuse breaking them.

General FAQ for the server by @Jet Stream#9183
Most questions are answered here.


How to register and login to the forums
Some more verbose directions, if you care less to read labeling and need a direction for every single step
To use an account on the forums, you must register one first. Forums accounts are separate from ingame, so you cannot use your ingame account here.
Go to https://dark-gaming.com/register
Fill in a unique username, preferably similar to your ingame name
Put in an email you have access to
Enter the captcha
Click Register
Go to your email
Check for your registration confirmation email in all inboxes. This obviously includes social, etc, or even the search feature. ALL INBOXES means ALL INBOXES.
Go to the link in the email. This should be from "[email protected] via asgard.coreisp.net," titled "Dark Gaming Accounts"
It should say:

You have successfully created an account with the username 'Your Account Username' on Dark Gaming using this email.

In order to verify this email for the new account, you will need to follow the link at the bottom of this email.
follow this link

Dark Gaming Support"

Put a password into this field. This password MUST contain 'symbols' or non-alphanumeric characters like!@#$&åΩÓØı◊. Alphanumeric characters are: 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ or case-sensitive a-Z and number 0-9
Submit password
Go to https://dark-gaming.com/login
Put in your username and password.
If you are told you need symbols in your password when you try to login, then that means you ignored the error message given when setting your password. Go back to your email with the link to set your password and include a symbol.

Official Trading System FAQ

Zombies Abilities List | All abilities info | Abilities breakdown
Updated: https://github.com/popstarfreas/DG-TS/wiki/Zombies-Abilities
Original: https://gist.github.com/popstarfreas/5b3587c06979adead49cb2db87171281

You quickly press your movement keys in the order provided in quick succession. Such as double-tapping the down key within one second.

Ab abilities rating chart by @tsukifuto.#6948 that gives a good idea of how abilities perform and wish ability info.

Wish prompt list:
+Max HP
Resurrect a random player
HP Regen
Damage Boost
Movement Speed Boost
Multiple Debuffs
Receive damage
Kill a random player
Kill your own character

Some useful unlisted lobby commands
There are more listed here, but not all of them may be functional or useable. Abilities and arena info listed generally will not work.

/lobby chat
Toggles chat between lobby-only and public.
/lobby upall
Toggles. When enabled, a single purchase from a mana or hp chest will spend all points at once to the maximum number of purchases possible (when points run out or the cap for that stat is met)
/lobby ts
Transfers score from your player to another. Syntax: /lobby ts <playername> <score> Ex: /lobby ts Rofle 200 /lobby ts "Lord Avery" 1240. Name is case-sensistive and if it has spaces, use quotations.
/j z existing OR /join zombies existing
Joins an existing zombies lobby that is at round 3 or below and not private. Equivalent of jumping into the water pool
/j z new OR /join zombies new
Creates a new standard zombies lobby that is public.
/lobby protect
When you are the only player in the lobby (you can create a new lobby via /j z new) this sets the lobby to invite only (/invite playername) (Removed, now use /j z -p or /join zombies private)
/lobby list
Lists all lobbies and zombies arenas that exist. Not all of them can be voted for nor selected.
/lobby version
Does as says.
/lobby menu
Shows the lobby menu again. Possibly redundant as the menu updates quite frequently.

Map and class equipment info by @UltimaA#8352
A list of all maps with their classes, items, item prices, and item stats.

Crew directions (also in the general faq above)
Official directions (may contain outdated links)
More verbose directions for crew.
Crew is a free set of perks for those who OWN THE GAME on steam.
If you indeed have not pirated the game, crew is available at https://t.dark-gaming.com/crew
Then you login with your ingame account on the server, then authenticate your copy of terraria via steam
Be certain to have your Account Info-> Privacy Settings -> My Profile > Public -> Game Details > Public
You can later revert your privacy settings once you have confirmed crew works.
If you have the badge on t.dark-gaming.com BUT do not have the perks, go to https://t.dark-gaming.com/fixcrew

If you are pirating, have steam account issues, playing exclusively on Mobile, or own the game on GOG instead you can get crew by exchanging 50,000 dp (currently impossible with the current state of the server economy or for 3 credits. Credits are obtained via donating or voting. Credits have high value due to what they can be used for elsewhere in the trading system, including gambling some for one of any kind of item. 0.05 credits per vote or 60 votes to get 3 credits, or 1 cred = $1USD donation.

How do I join/connect/play
Make sure you put the ip address (t.dark-gaming.com) in the section where it says "Enter Server IP Address:" and should appear like this

Then put the port (7777) in the section where it says "Enter Server Port:" which should look like this:

Then press enter or accept to join the server.
*Be sure you are on the current version of pc terraria ( as of now) or the latest update of mobile (1.3 update) before joining. Modified clients or older versions of terraria like TModloader are incompatible.
Why can't I join?
Be sure you have joined correctly following the directions above ^.
If it says "Connecting to" (and other servers work fine) then you might be peer-blocked. Contact staff on the server discord to resolve this.
If it says "Checking ip... Complete!" then the specific dimension/server you are joining might be down. Try using a different port such as 7776 or 7779 instead, and switch to your desired server/dimension with the dimension's command name listed in /dimensions (such as /items to go to free items).

Account woes: How do I login?
You should attempt to register (if you haven't already) with a unique name that would be unlikely to be taken by another player.
Do /register "password" (the password being one you choose and keep private) in /rift and read the feedback message it gives.
Syntax should not include <> or your username. E.g. my player name is "Rainbow Airplanes" and I want my password to be "Two Cars123". I would join on a character named "Rainbow Airplanes" (of course, without the quotation marks in the name) and do the command (excluding the carrots <> ) </register "Two Cars123"> then /login "Two Cars123". I would not do </register "Rainbow Airplanes" "Two Cars123"> or "/register <Two Cars123>".
If it says:
"You do not have permission to use this command"
Then you are already logged in. You can see you are a member when you chat: you have blue text and a title of [Member]
"You already have an account called "PlayerName", use the that to login."
Then use /rename to rename yourself to that name or login with a character that has the exact same name
"Your name "NameOfYourCharacter" has already been used by someone [else] to register.
You can change your name or login if you were the one to register it.
To change your name type /rename "your new name" "

Once you do that and register, you can login to it in the future by using /login "your new name" "your password" " then do as the message says
Successfully registered account "Your name"
Then do /login password (the same password used to register)
Accounts cannot be deleted or renamed. If you forget your password, contact an administrator on the server discord
*Note: at the moment, /rename cannot be used. To change your character name, make a new character with the desired name.

I wish to...
Apply for staff.
Staff applications are currently not open. Staff positions include Helpers, Staff-Assistants, Dimension Managers, Moderators, Developers, and Administrators. There is a badge - reputation like system in the works that currently appears to have been on indefinite hiatus for a few years. No known eta.
Submit a zombies map.
Go here for details. Keep in mind you must have crew and may[1] need to be on the server discord.
Suggest a feature or report a bug
This can be done in the server discord (https://discord.gg/ZuNQUdZ) in #suggestions & #bug-reports respectively if the issue is minor or a relatively simple question. If it is a large feature or issue that would require a great amount of attention, post it to https://github.com/popstarfreas/DG-TS in the issues tracker.
Purchase credits/donate money
Keep in mind this is very likely to be changed relatively soon by a new set of conditions. https://dark-gaming.com/thread/donator-rewards.2224

Mobile support
Official announcement:
Known issues. These are on the server's github issues tracker to be fixed.
- Mobile users cannot deal damage in pvp.
- The ebonwood chest in the house below pvp spawn crashes mobile users when on-screen.
- Mobile users in survival cannot pick up items or make any changes to items in their inventory.

Trading system command items NEVER run out of or consume item durability. It's a visual bug.
Item dropping is disabled in survival for normal members. Only players with crew can drop items. This is to prevent cheaters from giving out items.

Any questions? Post below or on the server discord.

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