[Accepted] Ban Appeal - Cade Kojou

Posted by Cade, 8th Jan, 2020 @ 6:38 am

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[Q1] Ban Link: <http://dark-gaming.com/ban/4324>;
Banned by: SolarDeity
Reason: Section 5 #1 - 971 Treasure Bags

[Q2] I knowingly broke the rules and duplicated treasure bags.

[Q3] I do believe it was a fair ban because I did break the rules. But I am disheartened by the policy of banning without warning.

[Q4] I know whoever's reading this doesn't have time to be jerked around so I'll just be real. I duplicated treasure bags so I could basically keep re-rolling the drops until I got the one I wanted; I trashed the rest. I believe I should be unbanned because I wasn't interfering with anyone else in the server, and I wasn't cheating in PvP or giving away free junk to newbies in Survival. I've basically only played in Survival because PvP is no fun with all the new items, and PvE isn't much fun with all the people using hacked clients. I only recently joined the server and so far I've had lots of fun in Survival mode, and most of the other players are fun to be around. I enjoy the Survival mode and the way it resets every Friday sounds interesting, so I'd really like to keep playing. It was pretty foolish of me to leave 900+ treasure bags sitting in my inventory, but if I do actually get allowed back in I'll refrain from doing it again. To my knowledge I wasn't making trouble for other players and I haven't once been accused of cheating by any of them, nor do I want to screw with other players in Survival because that takes the fun out of it for me; so please accept my appeal, I'd be glad to continue playing on the server.

- Cade

8th Jan, 2020 @ 6:38 am



On the topic of Q4, Duplication of any item is against the rules, in this case it's treasure bags (Main reason which got you banned). I can understand why you did it, but you have to take into consideration that everyone else that plays survival has to reforge their items normally, so you doing this to get a reforge without punishment (spending coins to reforge) is an unfair advantage alongside the literal 971 treasure bags you had, you are not permitted to cheat just to get a certain modifier under any circumstances.

What I didn't share and will now share with you is that you practically hacked in your whole inventory.
Items in your inventory that are listed Hacked/Suspicious will be stated below(Bullet Points (•) = Hacked)(Dashes (-) = Suspicious):

• 971 Treasure Bags
• Unreal Paladin's Hammer
• Celebration
• S.D.M.G.
• Aerial Bane
• 526 Defender Medals
• Fishron Wings
• Full Vortex Set
• Betsy's Wings
• Strange Dyes
• Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo
• 18 Strange Plants (Tied to the Strange Dyes)
• 270 Luminite Bars
• Luminite Arrows and Bullets

Suspicious/Could be hacked:
- Full Shroomite Gear (Includes all 3 helmet types)
- 29 Wormhole Potions
- Vortex Beater
- 94 Weapon Racks
- Scourge of the Corruptor
- Daedalus Stormbow
- 82 Fallen Stars
- Phantasm
- 20 Recall Potions
- 23 Spelunker Potions
- A whole stack of Glass blocks
- 779 Minecart Tracks

Keep in mind that you've spent 5 hours and 30 minutes total of being on the server, Survival primarily, so for you to obtain all of this in 5 hours and 30 minutes total, AND the fact that you got all of this while you registered this reset, assuming you're new to the server and Survival on here itself, I highly doubt you legitimately obtained everything excluding the 971 treasure bags.

Some other points that are worth being mentioned: You spam opened 23 Duke Fishron treasure bags, opened 5 Betsy treasure bags in a row, and 3 Plantera treasure bags in a row.

9th Jan, 2020 @ 11:51 pm

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I admitted to duplicating, all the dev gear is from duplicated treasure bags, and the bars are duplicated. The paladin's hammer was a real drop from an actual paladin, but I prefixed it. The celebration and SDMG were from treasure bags, the aerial bane was from betsy (who I only defeated once, and thus I only kept the loot from one betsy bag, which included the betsy wings), the fishron wings are from Duke Fishron who I killed several times with the other players, the defender medals are legit, I didn't even duplicate those nor have I spent any of them. The shroomite gear is from shroomite bars which were duplicated, the wormhole potions were just from various chests and pots, the vortex blaster is crafted from fragments, the weapon racks were duplicated, the scourge of the corruptor is from the chest in the dungeon, the stormbow is from a hallowed mimic, the fallen stars are not duplicated (I just picked up a lot of them), phantasm is crafted from fragments, the recall potions are not duplicated either, but the spelunker potions are. The glass is also duplicated, and the minecart tracks are duplicated as well. And keep in mind that I'm not able to summon any bosses, nor can I kill them very quickly because of their huge health in multiplayer; lots of other people were around to help out, so that accelerates what gets done.
I'd still like to keep playing Survival; clearly you guys have the server log everything and apparently check players' inventories so you'll be able to see if I duplicate more stuff in the future. If you give me a second chance I'll follow the rules. If I break the rules again and get banned then I won't bother appealing because I won't really deserve it at that point.
But please take into consideration that I do actually enjoy playing Survival, and have no desire to screw with other players or lord loot over them.

10th Jan, 2020 @ 12:05 am



Before I unban you, I ask that you read over the rules with care, I would like to also add that you cannot get unreal on a melee weapon with reforging.

11th Jan, 2020 @ 12:09 pm

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If it sounded like I was trying to play off the Unreal hammer, I didn't mean to sound like that. I'm aware unreal is a ranged prefix; I said in my reply that I prefixed the hammer, it wasn't from a reforge. As for the rules, I will go over them again in detail. I appreciate your understanding about this, really.

11th Jan, 2020 @ 9:58 pm



Appeal accepted.
Remember if you do this again, it won't be as easy to be unbanned.

11th Jan, 2020 @ 11:29 pm

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Thanks, I think that's fair.

Also I just got back into Survival in the server and there were people fighting Golem so I threw some shurikens at him, which in multiplayer all you have to do is deal damage to a boss to get a treasure bag when it dies so the golem loot I have in my inventory is *not* hacked even though I just started, I just took advantage of people who were already fighting golem. And it doesn't count as stealing loot either because the treasure bags are clientside.

Another thing: The 10 eye of cthulhu bags I opened tonight were all legit. Some guy called Legolas#1 spawned like 10 eye of cthulhus in one night and I was there for fighting them so I got 10 bags.

12th Jan, 2020 @ 2:13 am



This appeal in particular has been accepted as noted above.
However, Cade decided to cheat in items again immediately after getting unbanned, so now they're banned again.

15th Jan, 2020 @ 4:12 am
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