can’t verify on mobile

Posted by caiklz, 2nd Oct, 2019 @ 4:50 am

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I’m on mobile, recently the 1.13 for mobile was added, and the multiplayer addition was added with it, so I decided to go on your server, I was liking it so far and decided to go make an account and verify, the problem is, I’ve made the account but can’t verify, any other ways to verify on mobile?

2nd Oct, 2019 @ 4:50 am



Verify for crew? Or are you trying to use /register?
For registration
Account woes: How do I login?
Do /register password (the password being one you choose and keep private) in /rift and read the error message it gives.
If it says:
"You do not have permission to use this command"
Then you are already logged in. You can see you are a member when you chat: you have blue text and a title of [Member]
"You already have an account called "PlayerName", use the that to login."
Then use /rename to rename yourself to that name or login with a character that has the exact same name
"Your name "NameOfYourCharacter" has already been used by someone [else] to register.
You can change your name or login if you were the one to register it.
To change your name type /rename "your new name" "

Once you do that and register, you can login to it in the future by using /login "your new name" "your password" " then do as the message says
Successfully registered account "Your name"
Then do /login password (the one your used to register)
Note: /rename currently cannot be used. Make a new character with the desired name.

If it is something else like getting crew, check the link below

2nd Oct, 2019 @ 6:15 am
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