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Posted by popstarfreas, 9th Sep, 2019 @ 9:13 pm

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Our server has been updated to allow mobile clients to join on the normal ports, mobile players are mixed in with PC players. Here is an overview of the current situation:

  • Tiles from later updates than have been replaced. Right now blocks turn into stone, some turn into mushroom. This is just so that the blocks are functionally the same until a proper review can be done of the right tiles to swap
  • Trying to join a dimension that has 16 players or more will cancel switching with a message that there are too many players for mobile. This is temporary until we patch in a way to at least see some players up to the maximum
  • Some parts of synchronisation between client and server are disabled while freeze/crash issues are investigated
  • Mobs/Projectiles/Items that are not in mobile will simply not show up at all
  • Announcements like mob kills will show up as black text
  • Sentries/Guardians in Zombies will not show up

You should be able to join and use any dimension on mobile at this point. Going forward it is expected that mobile will be a supported client along with the PC client as long as it is a feasible endeavour. If mobile follows the same update path as PC, then we should be able to prepare updates on our end ahead of time.

If you find any issues while using our server on mobile, you may report them on our Discord or our issue tracker.

9th Sep, 2019 @ 9:13 pm
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