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Posted by NorthernTilted, 20th Jan, 2017 @ 1:01 am

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Wasn't sure where to put so Ima put here

Rofle notice me please

me and Hellexar (from Jup) decided we were going to make factions for Terraria (based off of MC). We'll have a test playthrough when we have everything ready. here's what we know as of now, knowing this is only a test playthrough to simulate what factions would be

2 teams 5-10 each
2 team leaders
2 bases on each side of the world
pvp on at all times excluding truces of any kind (truce zones or bosses/events/invasions, pvp off)
Bosses and Events can only be started when both teams have reached a progression milestone
there will be limitations on how many of a certain class can be on a team

we don't know how we'll implement raiding or how bases will work with raiding, and we have yet to figure out a way to balance pvp

We're looking for dedicated people who are interested and have the time to be active, with a minimum of 5 per team before the playthrough can start.

also if you have any ideas please do tell me them, as they would be really helpful


20th Jan, 2017 @ 1:01 am

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How exactly will you execute this?
It seems that if there's pvp forever, it wouldn't last more than 10 or so minutes.
And that's not really fun. It would also mean that Fuffle will have to open a new Dimension specifically for factions.
Also, something fuffle said long ago. It's not hard to make minigames (and you made one), but the fact it has to be interesting. Players need to play them. You need to spice this up, because right now it just resembles a PvP/PvE mash up (and like a rip-off of Ant Wars)

20th Jan, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

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I didn't explain this right...
its not on a dimension (unless Rofle offers help) Its vanilla with no hardcore characters, if you die you respawn.
I put the idea on these forums because DG has a pretty dedicated player base and (again) help from Rofle would be priceless as these things are a lot harder to execute in vanilla. The idea makes the most sense if you've ever played Minecraft Factions
It isn't TDM and its a survival playthrough at heart, with the goal being to one up the other faction, gain advantages, progress faster, and ultimately finish the game first (in a sense)
Remembering, this is only a test playthrough, to simulate factions in Terraria, putting this on DG's forums was just the best idea

20th Jan, 2017 @ 1:27 pm



I don't know entirely what Factions is in MC terms, and neither do I know clearly what is at the core of your idea, so I'm going to make suggestions based solely on my interpretation of your general specification, into making this work clearly and easily.

To make this simpler and more straightforward, the whole "pvp on/off based on certain conditions and limitations on when things can be spawned" makes it a lot harder for people to get on with what they need to do and puts road blocks in progression. My suggestion in this area is that pvp is on for the entire time; why is it that you suggest pvp be turned off at all?

Further, there should be clear defined milestones in progression towards finishing all bosses, such as when a certain boss is killed, like Wall of Flesh. This can be a milestone, but also as a mechanic in Factions. Score can be done by whichever team did the most damage to the boss (and the boss was killed) gets the point, then after this milestone is achieved both teams are balanced by giving out appropriate gear or items, and they work to score the point for the next milestone, where the same things happens. Then, once the game progression is completed, whoever scored the most wins.

Moreover, based on the above, you can easily start/stop at any two milestones lengthening or shortening the amount of playtime required. It also stays true to a playthrough of the game while ensuring that teams are closely tied in gear after each milestone.

Furthermore, the idea presented in my post would work best when automated, as the transition between milestones can be seamless and scoring can be automatic. In the case of manual setup, it would have to be which team killed the boss, rather than which team did the most damage and transitioning between milestones would require breaks to get everyone set up

Also, on the note of automated execution coming from my services, this is not something that I am looking to do. However, if you had enough money to donate to DG that would cover a plugin, I could make it. Further, the same goes for any hosting; any specifics can be discussed if such is the case.

20th Jan, 2017 @ 3:25 pm

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I agree with your points, although I don't see a methods of scoring necessary because its styled like a race, the 2 factions compete to try to beat the boss first and once its beaten, they beat the next boss(es) up to whatever milestone there after.
Also, Id like to keep this as survival as possible, but I don't want bosses or events being used to screw over the other team.
We'll likely figure something out later

and as for money I'm a poor man but Ill see if maybe I can find someone willing to contribute

and speaking of money/making plugins, is it possible to make a cannoning plugin? as in something that would allow explosives to be launched from a built cannon of some kind? (one not using the actual cannon or bunny cannon items)

20th Jan, 2017 @ 5:14 pm



The method of scoring is because beginning to end game is a long way. If you put in checkpoints and award points for the first to each checkpoint, you still have a race, it's just chunked up nicely so you can stop at any checkpoint or pause the game at one until next time or simply to keep both teams close together in progression so that members of the losing team don't feel like giving up early. For example, think of gourmet race, where you have individual races that combine score from each to get the winner, or mario kart grand prix which is made up of multiple races, where the end position of each player per race gives points that at the end sums to give the all around winner.

Further, bosses or events won't screw up another team very easily if you consider that after each milestone, both teams would be on par with each other. The aspect of forcing pvp always on allows one team to interject the others boss fight to take it over for the win. Again, referring to the mechanic above, by making a milestone after each boss kill, you put everyone at the same place to compete on par with each other for the next one. So even if a team is losing the race to the first boss, they won't give up because as soon as the other team beats it, they will have their chance to beat them to the second.

In regards to the cannon thing, yes technically, all you'd need is a defined position and velocity. Of course having it turn and such would be harder without some mechanic (such as the cannon furniture) or wiring system to visually convey the rotation.

20th Jan, 2017 @ 6:11 pm

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Please do not advertise other communities

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