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This is The Dark Gaming Police Department. Here, in the PvP dimension, the employees try to chase and kill players with a killstreaks, this is how we can maintain equality in PvP, stopping the ones who overkill.
We also have a logo for The DGPD:

The department offers you a leveling system, where you'll get promoted by "Captain" (me) when he think it's ok to. Levels are from "Cadet" to "Ultimate Enforcer". Here's a list of all the DGPD ranks, scaled from highest to lowest:
-Ultimate Enforcer
-Pursuit Agent

Units' way to be called will be determined by rank and nickname, units will be pinged as: "Rank" "Nickname", for example: Captain Kektor.

Methods to advance/chores:
-try to kill anyone with a killstreak higher than 5, if there's more with killstreaks, go after the one with the highest one;
-get high killstreaks (I wasn't going to ban killstreaking to police units. :3)
-assist at pursuits
-try to not die

Keep in mind that you won't advance by being friends with me. You won't derank, but if you want, you are welcome, you won't be able to undo the derank, you will have to fight to be promoted again. This is also a way to get better at pvp!

Want to apply? Here's the format, just answer to anything asked below. Be serious, if not, I won't hire you:
[1] Nickname:

[2] Why do you want to work for The DGPD?

[3] Assignment: {PAT} Patrol, {UC} Undercover? (Depends on vanity, will be explained below)

Now about vanities. Your vanity will be designed by you depending on assignments. Just get a badass look by combining the vanity needs and some other clothing/accessories. Now here's the needs:

{PAT} Patrol:
-0x33's Aviators, black dyed
-Angel Halo, Midnight Rainbow dyed
-mostly blue looking

{UC} Undercover:
-0x33's Aviators, Black dyed
-Angel Halo, Void dyed
-mostly black looking

Keep in mind that ranks will be the same.

Now question for Rofle (please read this, Rofle :< ):
Can everyone signed in this get a custom tag called "DGPD", hex: 0083c3? Please.

More things might come in the future. If you have any question, feel free to ask it below. Post any suggestion you have too.
Also, tell me how to post pictures that show the image here... ples.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 1:41 pm

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[1] Raz
[2] Cuz I like trolling peeps with a high KS by spamming an OP weapon
[3] [UC]

1st Apr, 2017 @ 1:49 pm

Raz is hired. Here's your bulletin:

But please post the name of your DGPD loadout. And if you can tell me how to properly post images...

1st Apr, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
-Lord Avery-



So it's basically a way to team up and end killstreaks?
I've never been a fan of PvP teaming, so I think I'll pass.

Victor posted :

the employees try to chase and kill players with a killstreaks, this is how we can maintain equality in PvP

This is a very SJW definition of equality. Why build a wheelchair ramp when we can cripple everyone else? This isn’t going help anyone, and is indeed, the opposite of fair. Why should we all team up to beat down the players who have put in the effort to become good, or crush the spirits of those just trying to improve? If we really want to help, we should create guides, or give advice to the new, and old PvPers, of how our PvP functions, and how to improve/what to avoid. We should not turn PvP into a gang up, to beat down anyone decent. This is literally brining an army to a fist fight.

Dg Victor The Legend posted :

Now question for Rofle (please read this, Rofle :< ):
Can everyone signed in this get a custom tag called "DGPD", hex: 0083c3? Please.

Colored titles are mainly for Staff and event awards.

I guess I mine as well have some fun, so I'm gonna go ahead and murder any and all police officers.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 4:42 pm



Quite frankly, I think this is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard of on this server.
Essentially what this is is picking on anyone who gets anywhere in PvP. You're basically saying 'join us or else you're not going to get anywhere' and that's just ruining PvP. How about instead of making a clan dedicated to giving people better than you the middle finger, you just get better at PvP?
The fact that if you're in the force that you can kill streak is literally saying 'join us or else you'll have a bad time' and that's outright ruining PvP. I'm not just gonna say I'm gonna pass, I'm gonna say I think things like this should not be allowed in ffa PvP :l
To make this worse it's not just making it less enjoyable as you get better, but it's actually making it harder for noobs to get better in the first place. Having a radically different PvP system in the first place already makes it hard for new players to get into it, but something like this just discourages anyone from PvPing, as it's so immensly easy to get a 5 killstreak, that as soon as any new player gets it, they get happy because of it, then they get swarmed by a dozen C+ ~ B- class players because of it. That's horrible!

Ave already explained that colored titles isn't really something that's available for things like this.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 5:28 pm

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First off - dumbest idea. I mean like, ever
Why would you team up to end killstreaks?
What's the point of that?
As Blanc said, it's just picking on anyone who gets anywhere in PvP.
Ending killstreaks doesn't mean equality.
You're not police department, you're pussy department.
You literally team up on professional PvPers.
Sorry mate, I'll pass.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

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This is a really stupid idea, if i'm honest.
Like, "try to kill anyone with a killstreak higher than 5." This is just disappointing.
Really? Higher than 5? I can understand if it was like 45, but 5? That's just disappointing. It's easy to get a killstreak of 5.
This basically just makes any people in pvp basically leave because of them being ganged up on because of their killstreak of 6. If anything, the people who are actually good and can get good streaks are going to suffer the most because of them being ganged up on every time.
This just shows that you're that bad that you make a clan, an unfair one at that, to essentially dictate and rule over pvp so you can feel like you're good at pvp.
Spoilers: You're not. And won't be if you do things like this.
This also basically shuts down pvp as well. With this "police force" consistently pursuing and killing anyone who gets a killstreak, people will get discouraged and no longer consider pvp fun. At all.
If you wanted to shut down pvp, then this is a fantastic way to do so.
"this is how we can maintain equality in PvP"
Well this sure as hell isn't going to work if all you're going to do is team up on people with killstreaks, because all you're doing is basically putting yourselves on top.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 6:12 pm

Quiet Member


this is dum sry Vik

k well uhhh

F*** the police comin' straight from the underground

1st Apr, 2017 @ 6:42 pm

I'm not obligating you to join. There won't be more than 2 "cops" at the same time. We are still killing eachother, so "what a big difference". I said "maintain peace in PvP" mostly just to give it like a police theme. I really like hunting PvPers, so I thought, why don't I have like a small team of hunters or "police units". I like teaming. Ok, 2 or more can team up on like a guy with a 45 killstreak, alright? I said that you can post suggestions and make this better, so thank y'all. You were all complaining on guys with killstreaks, but weren't we already chasing the ones with killstreaks and trying to kill them? Some players were already teaming up to beat others with high killstreaks. Plus, the big killstreak numbers don't give you more exp, don't give you more skill at pvp. And there can be 2 rival teams, but a team's players can fight with eachother. I didn't say that the DGPD will be always teamed up, I can say "Group" or "That's it for now" or something like that.
So, from all this, what's the big difference? Please understand that this has been made mostly for fun. Don't take the Peace Keeping as a stupid way to make peace, saying again, it was just to give the police team.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:20 pm



You're not obligating us to join, but by saying that if we go on a killstreak we'll get teamed on, you practically are, as if we don't join we lose our killstreak. Even people as good as myself and Avery can't handle double teaming for long. It's just outright unfair that you're making a clan based around teaming on good players. Sure we already go for people with high killstreaks but we don't team on them (unless you're hardcore dock buddies like crane and solar, then that's a different story *coughs*).
Outside of those two, teaming does not happen in pvp, as pvp here is designed to specifically be free for all. If you want to have team based PvP then consult it with Rofle and make it its own minigame or something. The big difference is that this is going to hurt PvP a ton if it goes through, one way or another.

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:25 pm
-Lord Avery-



Blanc spoke my thoughts exactly.

And so, Blanc Adeymi, and I, have decided to make a little group of our own, dedicated to murdering the Cops.
Because after all,

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:32 pm

Quiet Member


So what's the name of the group?

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:33 pm

Avery posted :

And so, Blanc Adeymi, and I, have decided to make a little group of our own, dedicated to murdering the Cops.

Oh heck yeah! Btw, if you would play NFS Hot Pursuit and NFS Rivals, you would understand why I'm doing this. I'm just a 12 year old, what do you want...

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:47 pm



keep it out of main ffa pvp then bruh

1st Apr, 2017 @ 8:49 pm

If you agree with this question, this will be an update: What if we could team, but not chase the same player? For a member it would be like his other team is just chilling or not fighting. So, I don't expect this to be a bad decision.

Update: This will be only a cosmetic clan during pvp, maybe I'll think of other activities that wouldn't ruin PvP or outside PvP.

2nd Apr, 2017 @ 7:56 pm
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